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The series Transpose is the result of collaboration with transgender people in Ireland that set out to make environmental portraits in ‘safe spaces’ for trans* people around the country. Many of the portraits have been made at the wonderful space Outhouse on Capel Street. The work has grown over the last two years to become an appreciation of key trans activists and allies in Ireland at a particular moment.

The trans* community is one of the most marginalised groups in society. Ireland is the only European Union state that has not introduced gender recognition legislation, despite a high court ruling that Ireland is in breach of it’s obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights. Is it fair to be denied rights, respect and dignity just because of your gender identity? A question the viewer might consider is how could anyone deny this person any right?

* Trans refers to anyone whose gender identity or expression is different from the sex assigned at birth. This includes diverse identities along the gender identity spectrum (e.g. transgender, genderqueer, etc.)

Alison McDonnell