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Mosney, was once a Butlins Holiday Camp on the coast of Co.Meath, Ireland. It was a popular escape for many Irish families from the 1950s to the 1980s, until package holidays and cheap flights led to its decline in the ’90s. This holiday camp, amongst others, was photographed by John Hinde and Martin Parr, where colourful images and postcards reflected the times during it’s heyday. 

In 2000 it became a refugee centre and it now houses over 900 asylum seekers from all over the world. Mosney is now a haven for these new residents but for very different reasons, they now exist in limbo, awaiting a decision on their outcome, within the backdrop of this surreal environment with a ghostly atmosphere of happier times. As a teenager I spent many summers working in Mosney, as did many people in the local area, so I have a strong connection to this place. This series of images documents the individuals who have found themselves in this strange location, capturing the feeling of displacement, in what is a temporary home. Examining their presence and identity in such uncertain, transient and exceptional circumstances, in a place that was so familiar to me. At the same time revisiting somewhere that was very much a part of my own identity growing up, and what it now represents. 

Kim Cunningham